Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm out of Africa or rather back from South Africa and Namibia after having had an extraordinary three weeks there!I have always wanted to go on a safari; it's been high on my dream list so we went this year to celebrate my birthday. I love it when people ask, "what did you do on your birthday?" and I say "I was out hunting rhinos"..with a camera! (Note the photo!)

Now some people might say..."so going on safari was on your bucket list?" To be honest, you can call the list a bucket list, dream list, life's to do list, or even things that I will be bummed if I never do in my life list! I don't care what you call your list but I do care that you have a list.

Now I also have much smaller things on my dream list. In fact the things you put on your list should not all be safari-size, but they should be personally yours. I love animals so we went with a group called Wilderness Safaris because I want to be more aware of animal behavior, their environment and the circle of life, as they say in THE LION KING. I also wanted to see the BIG 5--- leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and cape buffalo up close and personal, and I did.

So I'll ask what's on your list? Do you have a list? For some people it could be pretty want a job; or a new career or more clients. For others it could be a fulfilling relationship and for others they want to fly fish in Costa Rica (remember as I work with people on their rewiring, I hear all kinds of dreams!).

So as you look forward to the New Year start to take a few mintues to think about what you are dreaming about and I hope that it is more than sugar plums!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I loved Halloween this year! I was in Michigan visiting my Mother and couldn't believe how Michiganders rocked out--challenging times and all! Everyone knows that Michigan has, and still is, going through tough economic times but you wouldn't have known it on Halloween. As I walked around my Mom's neighborhood I saw houses whose front yards had been turned into cemeteries!I heard the song the MONSTER MASH being played through windows and I saw huge spiders crawling up the sides of chimneys. I saw Lady Gaga and Barak Obama trick or treating not to mention assorted ghosts, goblins and dogs who were dressed for fun!

Neighbors were gathered around movable fireplaces in their driveways (living in New York City I had never seen these before!) and adults and kids both were heavily costumed! In fact the couple in the picture don't have kids, but had their house and themselves all decked out!

Now some of you might be thinking, this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands, but truthfully these people were having fun...and allowing for everyone else to have a great time too!

People were letting loose and the attached article from The Detroit News says it all: Halloween Weekends Raised Spirits. Did you laugh enough on Halloween? Get into the spirit?
If you did, then I say keep it up and find ways to laugh more...and by the way you should know that it only takes 4 muscles to smile and 13 muscles to frown! :)Maybe we need to rewire our fun!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ants in Your Pants Are A Good Thing

Jim Sollisch recently published an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled:"Ants in Your Pants? You Will Probably Live Longer."

The premise of the article is that the more you move, bounce, fidget, or even go for a walk, the healthier you will be and as a result live longer. In so many words fidgeting is good for your body and your brain.

When I was a kid, and always doing "stuff," I remember my parents saying...what's the matter with you? Can't you sit still? In fact they have been telling me to sit still since I was about 3 years old, and I always equated it with buzzing around like a bumble bee.

Now as a grown up I realize that we have advocated something similar in our book, Don't Retire, REWIRE! Except in the book we call it rewiring®. Rewiring® is taking energy previously used in one area (typically work) and moving it into new, fulfilling activities. The simple act of shifting energy moves people around into new work, volunteering, learning new sports, games,or devoting time to hobbies and other life enhancing endeavors.
In his article Jim says that stepping back from the computer and email actually improves results,and you will also lose weight. You may also gain a new zest for life. Now that's two good reasons to get moving and get rewired®.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Longevity Secret

As I travel the country I run into people all the time now who are really old in age yet youthful in thought and outlook on life. Yes, many won the gene pool so they have longevity on their side, but others did it by having curiosity. They often tell me that having an active mind and body led to a more fulfilled and engaged long life experience.

One such person died last week. John Kluge was at one time the second richest man in America. He died a billionaire, but not one of the richest. He stayed active until his health failed. I never met him but was intrigued to discover that he had offered his longevity secret to The New York Times when they were preparing his obituary for the paper when he was 72 years old.

"I love the work because it taxes your mind. (Remember he was the founder of MetroMedia)Years ago, I could have taken a few million dollars and joined the country club and gotten in to this pattern of complaining about the world and about the tax law." But he didn't. He wasn't just into business. He grew flowers and collected paintings, African sculpture and Indian, Chines, Greek and Egyptian objets d'art. In other words, he had hobbies. He had cultivated interests, something I am constantly suggesting in my speeches.

I am pleased to say that I have met many more people lately, with a lot less money than John Kluge, who are exploring hobbies and interests as a way to constantly rewire and stay engaged in life throughout their life. No matter how busy you are take out some time for yourself.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insights From A 60 Year Old Intern

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting, and very honest article entitled: Older U.S. Work Force Has An Ugly Wrinkle. Reading the article was like watching a reality show--the content was " very real" especially at 6:30am. Many people have to work longer, some want to work longer, and the impact is that more Americans are putting off retirement.

Some people in need of finding new work need to look at things differently--in fact they need to think like teenagers and imagine landing an internship---a great way to test a job and yourself in a new role. did a great article on the topic entitled: Lessons From A 60-Year Old Intern where the "older"interns share their positive emotions and challenges. I view it as a Must Read for both individuals and organizations, and see internships as a valid new pathway for mature workers.

More organizations need to change their thinking and begin to value the mature worker who brings wisdom, skills and experience to organizations. It's time for everyone to rewire® their thinking as we face a new and constantly changing competitive future!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life Long Skills Enhancement

There was once a time when we said that the only two things you could really count in life were death and taxes. Now there is a third. It's called life long learning.

Computers, the internet, new applications, new industries, social marketing, etc., all require some form of continuous education, and that's just what recruiters want to see.

If you want to rewire® and have a competitive advantage in our complex world, it means making an even deeper dive into your field. If are changing careers, you may have to go back to school and start the learning journey from the beginning.

New York Times columnist Steven Greenhouse nails it with Learning Curves On the Career Path. The good news is that learning today is more accomodating with online education, weekend courses abbreviated on campus courses, and more. Colleges and universities have pumped up their offerings in new fields like Green, energy management, global ecology, etc., and the government is making more training money available.

Read between the lines, it's even more important today to select a job and work that you really enjoy. After all you will be spending more and more time learning about it as well as doing it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mature Job Seekers Take Note

The unemployment numbers don't seem to be going down. More people have been out of work and in transition longer than at any time since the Great Depression. Many of the unemployed are getting overwhelmed by the absence of a job like they used to have. Unfortunately, many of the "used to have" jobs aren't coming back soon or ever. But there is an often over looked route that may lead to pay dirt: Temp Work. The New York Times featured a great article on the subject last week. Temporary work shouldn't be frowned upon. It can fill the pocket short term and often leads to permanent employment when the economy starts turning around. You may think it isn't the ideal job, but it is a job that just may lead to a new future for you. A few of the big temp firms also called Workforce Management companies are Kelly, Adecco, Spherion, and Randstad. It's all part of the Rewiring® journey. Temp jobs are also great for retirees looking for a short term gig.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In the past few years there has been a marked rise in the number of 50+ entrepreneurs. The increase is a result of several factors. First, people 50+ are not getting new jobs or re-hired as quickly as they had hoped, and second, there are many people who have always dreamed of doing their own thing and now is the time. But I believe there is a third reason, and maybe the best see a need and you create a product or business to fill it.

I just read a story about two Baby Boomers in Verona, New Jersey,who haven't completely rewired, but used their smarts acquired in other careers to invent a product that is catching on in the senior market: the STAY CANE.
Their story is both fun and inspirational and their product is both needed and a revenue generator!

So keep your eyes open; do your own market research and maybe the next big idea will be yours! As I love to say-- you never know!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I recently gave a talk to a group of recent Wake Forest graduates in New York City. I opened up my program by saying, "I'm not a Mom so this is NOT repackaged material that I have told my kids, and secondly, this information is what I tell job candidates who are 50 plus, and looking for new work or an encore career, so listen up and understand that these ideas will last you a lifetime."

This surprised the students but I said," Industries have changed, and some have collapsed. Like you, older job seekers don't have a curriculum to follow; this is a new landscape for them too. And they, like you students, have to rewire® and adapt a new mindset, new thinking and new actions if they are going to achieve the job they are seeking." The key thing is that there are smart people and organizations out there who want to help you with your job search and see you succeed. I told the students that there are great career sites to check out and to all of you I say use the internet for ideas and remember to check out sites like for insights and positions.

So first, let me share what I call the back story which applies regardless of age:

  • DON'T read every article about unemployment. Headlines like: "Jobless Numbers Are Worse Than You Think," don't serve anyone well, especially a job candidate. Be wary of the headlines but be aware of them and don't succumb to the negativity of the message.

  • If your computer opens up on Yahoo or Google News, or if you constantly have the tv or radio news on in the background, view the news with a new set of eyes and ears.

  • Look for what industries are being praised in the news for being innovative.

  • Listen for where talent shortages are occurring and think do I have those skills? Could I if I went back to school for an additional class or program? Or do I have them but just not focus on them?

  • Recognize new companies are EMERGING so don't assume you know what is going on out out there to hear and see it all and don't DISCARD an idea before you investigate it. Check it out. Treat a job search like a scavenger hunt and you're looking for clues.

  • Adopt the motto: You never know!

  • If you don't know why you work beyond the money and need to have your motivators verified, read DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! and discover or reconfirm what drives you.

Secondly, here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Manage your expectations in terms of b0th the actual job and lead up interviews.

  • You know you're terrific but make sure you manage yourself.

  • Think like an actor---they are always auditioning and going from one gig to another. That is the new mentality for today and tomorrow.

  • Like it or not, people "still" judge the book by the cover--(difficult for a Nook or Kindle!) but not for people.

  • Make sure your attitude is as good as your abilities and that your substance and style match up!

  • Believe that resources are all around you, and they will be. LinkedIn and Facebook are tools but need to be managed.

  • Tailor your search and your time. Get out and meet people. Sending resumes to recruiters, good friends or headhunters ISN'T enough---it never was!

  • Get creative in how you reach people. Does your barber or stylist know someone you need to know? You never know!

  • Update that elevator speech. It's easy to get stale and to sound stale.

And never forget to share. Help your peers and hopefully they'll help you. I do believe that people want to help each other so when you are networking make it easy for your network to work for you. Good luck--we are all in this together!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Hurrah! More cracks are appearing in the "age wall." Last week Ringo Starr turned 70 and gave an interesting interview to The New York Times entitled: 'I'm Not Hiding From It,You Know'. I was intrigued how he talked about"it." What was the "it?" The chronological number 70? Or was the "it"about aging overall? Or was it the reality that Ringo was 70, a number that he admits is high? The thing I loved was that when asked about how he was feeling about the number 70...Ringo said, "In my head, I'm 24."

And that to me is the key to continous living, loving, laughing and rewiring regardless of one's age! My belief is focus on your functional age not on your chronological age! Lead with what your head is telling you, not with what the ache in your knee is saying!

Ringo Starr isn't hiding his age; he's not pulling any punches about it, in fact, just the opposite. He's out there with "it," and asking us to celebrate it with him! And Ringo has even taken 84 year old B.B. King as his new role model!

And the best thing is that Ringo hasn't deviated from his original purpose and mission of "love and peace." So many people today are looking for meaning and purpose in their futures, to them I say....go back and listen to some old Beatles tunes if you need a little or a lot of inspiration---if you're open to receive, you'll find some answers!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Change is the name of the game! I know, you're thinking, boy is that trite, so what else is new? The reality is is that change is the new constant in our, tomorrow and probably forever! When people ask me "when is it going back to the way it was before?" I just flat out say, "it's not," so we need to accept that fact and begin to bring change into our own lives, as and if needed.

I don't know where you are on the continium of change, but I've accepted that I can't control most of the change going on around me. Once that reality hits home, you realize that you can control change in your own life, at least the change you institute.

Change is about personal choices and consequences, whether it be at work, at play, or just in life overall. For every action we take, or don't take, regardless of our age or stage of life, there is a reaction. People will tell me they want to rewire® their lives. It doesn't matter if it is to secure a new career, to experience a different level of leisure and fun or to find new purpose at work and play, you can't hit a new goal or dream without experiencing some type of change.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a nation of procrastinators. That's why I wanted to give you some principles for change. The goal is to help you coach yourself through a change. I don't claim ownership of these principles but I find them very sound for the times!
And they are new to the way we think about life and our future.
So here are four new principles for change for you to ponder and use:
  • Choices & Prices- Life is an auction, and everything has a price ticket. The question is "how much are you willing to pay?" and "can afford to pay?"
  • Responsibility-The person who feels the problem most has the greatest responsibility for correcting it.
  • Replacement-The best way to ovecome a bad impulse is to repalce it with a better one.
  • Levels-Every situation has many things going on that need to be recognized and assessed.

When times are challenging it's easy to become complacent. I hope that we can all be there to help each other...that's why I wanted to share these thoughts on change with you. They are slightly different from many other messages and I hope they help you think about your life in a different way. There are things you want to change and things you need to change--and as you go through the list appreciate what you have and don't ever want to change in our life!

I'm not saying that change is easy, but with some thought put into it, change does NOT have to be as hard as we sometimes think it will be or as hard as we make it!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Over the weekend I was at a party and "change" was on everyone's mind. Each person wanted to, or was being forced to, make some type of change in their life. The desired change ran the gamut from changing their work, their weight, their time management, or moving into their next and not knowing what to do! The needs were as diverse as the ways in which people were approaching change.

Thinking about them, and all of us who want to change something in our life but are undeclared as of yet, I went into some old "paper" files and found a long forgetten list entitled: 12 Principles of Change. I don't know where I got it...I don't claim initial ownership of it, but I do take responsibility for getting the list to you over the next few blogs. I have listed the top four principles below.

Read them, then read them again. They look simple until you reflect on them and apply them to your life. The Top 4 Principles are as follows:
  • Purpose- We are happiest when moving toward a goal.
  • Perspective-Situations may look different depending on our point of view.
  • Balance- Nature hates imbalance. Most problems are a sign that an imbalance has occurred.
  • Escalation- Doing the same thing usually gets the same result.If we are not succeeding we need to change the balance of forces.

Just a few thoughts to get you going on your road to change and rewiring! Use these principles to coach yourself!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I just got back from 10 days in London. It was strictly for fun but friends were surprised I went because I have been to London many times before. Now some may think..."why aren't you going to a new place?" I love new, and have a curiosity to explore new places, however quite honestly I LOVE LONDON and have since I was in the third grade.

In my speeches on rewiring I tell people to look into their past to discover interests or themes that could lead to new career or work opportunties. But now I'm saying use your past to re-discover new fun! You see, one day in school, a teacher who was frustrated by me said..."who do you think you are? Lady Jane Grey?" I had no idea what or who she was talking about so I ran to the library and discovered the book on Lady Jane Grey, the 16 year old girl who sat on the English throne for only nine days before she was beheaded! I was smitten with her story...and that was the beginning of my love fest with the Tudors, London and English history overall!

So why did I go to London now? To see the special exhibit on Lady Jane Grey at the National Portrait Gallery. We can make our fun time even more fulfilling and rewarding for ourselves when we go deeper into our experiences! So I like to say follow your dreams and your themes!
And I'll have more themes to report on about London!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Some people say it's hard to stay motivated...others say it's hard to get motivated, and being someone whose business it is to motivate others, I think that today overall it's a little harder to get, stay and be motivated!

That's why I'm a fan of coaching! All types of coaching...both formal and informal, for work and play!

  • I have a friend who is a jazz singer, and she works with a voice coach.

  • I have a young friend who is a baseball coach for executives who want to play baseball better in their free time.

  • I belong to a gang of three couples who coach each other to try new things.

  • And I have many friends who are executive, life or retirement coaches.

  • Even a few who are business and entrepreneur coaches!

My point is, as people face the future I want them to undertake new ventures. To me, it's all about rewiring energy and actions. But some time you need a little help from your friends. Yes, famous words from a great song! But it's true! Regardless of your age I hope you want to try something new; maybe a new job, or you want to excel at a sport or take a risk and create a new business and need some support to either get started or stay in the game! Knowing that someone is in your corner, is in the ring with you, is a big help.

The truth is sometimes you just plain need a jumpstart or some on-going support.

That's why I loved the article in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday entitled: "The Power Of A Gentle Nudge." The article's focus was on "older" people and exercise.The story presented the findings on a Stanford University study which showed that small amounts of social support, from friends who encourage each other via e-mail or the phone, to having an actual meeting with a fitness coach, kept people motivated and exercising. I loved the premise because to me the support aspect could refer to anyone or anything.

Even the most committed people could use a nudge and those who are venturing out and trying something new need a nudge, or rwo or three!

So why do some people feel that they have to accomplish a goal solely on their own? Why do they beat themselves up if they are tired and don't feel motivated to do something? It's human nature to want to "bag something because you're tired." And once you do that, you usually end up kicking yourself later for not being motivated! So it becomes a vicious circle and you end up frustrated with yourself, twice! Accept the fact that even the most motivated of us need a little coach in our corner! Whether it be a formal or informal arrangement, see if a little coaching helps you hit your next goal!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Last Ziegfeld Follies Girl Had Rewired Many Times

You might not recognize the name, Doris Eaton Travis, but she just passed away at 106. She was the last of the Ziegfield Follies chorus girls and had been a "hoofer" for over 90 years! She was from Michigan, which I am also, so I took extra interest in this unbelievable woman!

They said that Travis' love of dancing and musical theater was shaken when the stock market crash of 1929 ushered in the Depression and many theaters closed. Travis had been dancing on Broadway since 1907 so in the early 1930's, as a result of the Depression she had to rewire!

She took a job as a tap dance instructor at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in New York, then branched out into social dancing, which led to her opening a Murray franchise in Michigan, which became a second career. Sound familiar?

Doris Eaton Travis used her passion for dancing and her love of the stage as the foundation for her lifelong career. How about you? Has your job become redundant? Has your industry been affected by the economy? Think about it. Do you have a passion or idea that you could pursue as your encore or next career?

Having to rewire into a new career is nothing new! Today there are more tools and resources to help you jumpstart your thinking.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had the wonderful opportunity to see the group, Young @ Heart perform in the American premiere of the musical END OF THE ROAD by the No Theater company at St. Ann's Warehouse in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York! I know that that is quite a mouthful but I hope you will remember the group from their wonderful movie/documentary entitled: Young @ Heart. And don't think that the audience was comprised only of seniors because it wasn't! It was truly a multi-generational audience where everyone was rocking out especially when the group sang Sly and the Family Stone's "I Want To Take Yhou Higher!"

This is a chorus of over 30 dynamic people whose average is 80. Please take the time to read their story here! You'll love them, and get some good ideas for your own life!

Corporate America could learn a few things...the group doesn't focus only on songs from their generation .,..but also sang Dylan, Springsteen, BLONDIE, and Kurt Cobain and when they sang Only The Strong Survive...all I could think was--these people have definitely rewired..and continue to do so!

In fact I would recommend that you learn more about the group and a lot about life--- check out the full movie story. The chorus is entertaining, and much more! You'll learn who they are and I hope you'll begin to reflect on your life...or rather your own future.

The Young@Heart Chorus was created in 1982, and all of the original members lived in an elderly housing project in Northampton, Massachusetts, and only one original member is alive today. Bob Cilman, the Chorus Director is brilliant...a true leader who stretches his team. He is demanding of his singers; he doesn't do the expected and he even gets on stage with them. He is the best coach ever!

Bob Cilman gets everyone, including the audience, to think out of their comfort zone. Recognize that the group has set changes, costume changes, and they have to memorize I don't know how many songs---so when an assumption is made that seniors can't learn something new, give me a break! I write that line for both seniors and society! We all have to change our thinking! We can all rewire and learn new things---if we want to! The group Young at Heart is living proof of what is possible when you try!

Part of my future rewiring will be to sing with this group! I'm serious! So in preparation for the future--I am going to take singing lessons now. I'm pretty rusty, and definitely an alto and I know that you have to prepare for what you want in life! so what do you want to do when you're 92?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The times remain challenging, but people are getting ready to move on! And there are a lot of tools to help people jumpstart their next acts. There is a special and unique event that I wanted to make you aware of … the 1st annual Encore Career TeleSummit for Women 50+. Many of you know that I am the former Editor at Large of WORKING WOMAN magazine and women, creating successful next acts, remain very important to me!

The TeleSummit will provide education and information for women 50+ who want to create an encore career as they begin looking ahead to that timeframe called retirement! As I travel around the country talking to women, and men too, I know that this is a key topic for many. What do I want to do next and how do I begin? I think you'll find this FREE TeleSummit on April 24-25, 2010 extremely valuable.

Maybe you've been downsized or forced to retire out of your lifelong career. Or maybe, you just know it's time to move on, but just can't seem to take the leap. The fact is, you have a wealth of skills, expertise, experience and wisdom that you could bring to your encore career. If you're stuck or scared, it's hard to gain the clarity you'll need to make good decisions.

Let's face it. In 99% of cases your Encore Career is not going to fall in your lap. Just dreaming about it is not enough. You have to take action. You have to know how. The telesummit will feature 12 well-known experts, and I'm thrilled to be the kick off speaker!

All of us are committed to the program: people like Dr. Joan Borysenko, expert in the area of health and healing, Deborah Russell , leader at AARP on workforce issues, and Richard Leider who will help you find purpose and passion---just to name a few. The reality is---we all want to help you design your next career without wasting precious time and money. And let's be honest, none of us has time or money to waste!

So sign up for the April 24-25 event at It's free of charge! Give yourself a leg up...and GO FOR IT!
Wonderful new tools, ideas and experts are all around us, we just have to take advantage of the opportunities that exist! Happy rewiring into your encore career!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There are only 24 hours in the day and it's up to each of us to decide how and where our time is used. Work, plus family and daily responsibilities take up a large portion of that time, and of course we know that eight hours of sleep is the ideal. I may be nervey to say this, but today I am putting in a big plug for finding "some" time, even a little time, to exercise. I know some of you are groaning already; others are smiling because you have made time for fitness and are feeling smug, and still others are sheepishly admitting that exercise has been on their to do list for too long to remember, which is a good seque to why I hope you will make some time for exercise.

Over the past several weeks there have been many articles in both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal on exercise. Take a look at these headlines (in fact two are VERY similar!) and take a look at the benefits.

On March 2 Jane Brody wrote her Personal Health column: "Even More Reasons to Get A Move On" and in the March 9 Wall Street Journal Health & Wellness section journalist, Ron Winslow wrote: "To Double the Odds of Seeing 85: Get A Move On." They are great articles, covering different angles, but work together to deliver a one two punch message that it's not just about good abs or a tight butt but rather about the long term health benefits for the body and the brain!

Then on March 9 Jane Brody wrote: "To Keep Moving, Look Beyond the Physical" where she indicated that she had heard from many readers who said it's easy to get started exercising but hard to stay motivated. So Jane's March 9 article talks about how exercise improves life, includes a list of motivators and concludes with a quote from Dr.Michelle Segar, a motivational psychologist at the University of Michigan that " we need to rebrand exercise as something we can enjoy, something that really feels good to do."

My sentiments exactly-- now that I have finally rewired my time and added exercise to my life!
So are you ready to rewire your thinking about exercise and fitness and wellness? Maybe it's time to turn exercise on its head! If you hate running, try biking, if not biking, then swimming...the point is there are choices all around us...pick one and try it. If it isn't the "right one" for you, DISCARD IT and CHOOSE ANOTHER! Do it for your good health! It is a patriotic act these days.

Monday, March 15, 2010


When we did the research for DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! a key part of our research focused on people answering the question: Why Do You Work Beyond A Paycheck? Unsolicited we received over 85 reasons, or what we call drivers, for why people worked beyond the money. These drivers ranged from having accomplishments and a sense of belonging to being valued, getting recognition and making a difference.

Our goal was to have people recognize their drivers, or what made them tick, and to use that knowledge for creating their next act, third age, encore career, or whatever they chose to call it!

I often told my corporate clients that if they could incorporate our driver component into their performance reviews and in how they managed their employees, then everyone would win!

Daniel Pink's latest book DRIVE! has done just that! It has hit every bestseller list in just the first month because it has the message we both believe is NOT just about the money!

So I'm helping people get rewired by making sure they understand their drivers and Dan Pink is doing the same on a big corporate level! Maybe together we can make some real difference!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur?

There has been a sharp rise in people 55+ becoming entrepreneurs; with many more in the wings checking out the idea. The rise is a result of desire and default. My comments in the New York Times article on entrepreneurism prompted many people to call and write me about what do I really think it takes to become an entrepreneur today. I have a checklist of ideas but I wanted to see what the specialists were saying.

I remembered that when I was Editor at Large of WORKING WOMAN magazine that we ran a special section on entrepreneurship in conjunction with the Small Business Administration in Washington DC. Some of the best insights and advice came from professors at Babson College (one of the first schools offering classes in entrepreneurship).

So as I was doing my research for this blog I was thrilled to discover this article in The Harvard Business Review entitled: "Should You Be An Entrepreneur? It reflects my thoughts and is honest, straight-on and practical. Just what every potential entrepreneur needs to hear! And it is written by Professor Daniel Isenberg of you guessed it, Babson College. He challenges the reader with thought-provoking questions that are broad in scope and gives you the chance to take a terrific 2 minute quiz that should not be missed.

To get you thinking here are a few of Professor Isenberg's Yes or No questions:

1. I don't like being told what to do by people who are less capable than I am.

2.I like challenging myself.

3.I like to win.

4.I always look for new and better ways to do things.

5.I can't sit still.
And there are 15 more personally-challenging questions that you need to answer if you are thinking about starting your own business. You can score yourself ...and for your own sake, be honest! The worst thing is try and fake out yourself; usually the only one who loses when that occurs is you!
To see the full article, and many more from Daniel Isenberg, go to the Harvard Business Review and put Daniel Isenberg in the search box. You'll be amazed by the breadth of knowledge this man has about entrepreneurship! Even current entreprenuers will benefit from his research!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Get The Most Out Of "Coming of Age!"

We've all heard people say...act your age! Over the weekend I heard a Mom tell her 16 year old son who was "goofing" around to act his age, and at a wedding I heard the same woman tell her Father who was having a great time on the dance floor to act his age! Personally I thought that she was too uptight with both of them and her father did too and told her so! This idea of what it means to act your age has both personal and collective implications! The meaning to act your age for the 50+ person is evolving and I hope will continue to for years to come!

The concept of age, aging, getting older are all great topics for future blogs, but today I want to talk about a terrific website,"Coming of Age." Much of my work is involved with rewiring individuals and organizations to think and act differently about the future. I always have my eyes and ears open for new ideas to help people figure out What's Next In Their Life? If that sounds like you then this is the website to investigate.

If you need ideas about pathways and possibilities to help you explore your future, (two topics near and dear to my own heart! ) then this is a great spot for you as you take your journey!

If you have time to give back and want to learn how and where to contribute , you'll get some thought-provoking ideas. If you are an organization and want to better understand what is on the mind of the 50+ person when it comes to giving back to the community, then immediately get to the site and get inspired and armed with action tools!

Do I sound excited about this site, I am! The site delivers. As their tag -line says--"It's about capturing the talent and energy of people 50+!"

So if you are ready to rewire®, or just thinking ahead or ready for a change, then check out Coming of Age! Go for it and DON'T let your age get in the way of pursuing a new idea or two!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Become An Entrepreneur at 55+!

I'm an entrepreneur and love it. However being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Having said that I know many successful and happy entrepreneurs who fell into the role or went kicking and screaming into it only to say years later..."why didn't I do this sooner?"

In the March 4th New York Times there is a great section on retirement. One of the key articles happens to be about becoming an entrepreneur with a focus on those over the age of 55. There are wonderful success stories in the article plus many honest tips and suggestions about the possibilties and pitfalls about becoming an entrepreneur including a few comments of my own!

So as you think about the future, consider rewiring into the role of entrepreneur! You'll work hard but you'll be the boss....and the marketing director, sales person and receptionsist but it will be yours!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's a new year and if you made it through last year, which if you're reading this blog you did, then pat yourself on the back and let's together move on to 2010. In prior years this would be the time to talk about making some resolutions but NOT this year.

As I eavesdrop and hear peope talk about making New Year's resolutions I believe it's done tongue -in -cheek. Both they and I realize that they feel they "should" make resolutions but in actuality they know that they are going to break them, so I ask---why make them in the first place? You are only kidding, and possibly even hurting yourself if you fall into the fake resolutions trap. Think about many diets have you started and stopped, or job or career changes you said you were going to make and didn't and now feel stuck?

I read a great article where the author challenged her readers by saying---If you think you are the perfect weight, or that you have great abs and arms already, or eat a good diet or love your job and and that your friends are all perfect, then you are already living the optimum life for you and no resolutions are necessary! The readers were told to keep it up and get down on their hands and knees and give thanks and show gratitude.

I thought to myself these people are lucky and that prior resolutions have paid off! However as I looked at my sagging upper arms and at the chocolate chip cookie I was eating, I realized not everyone is there yet.

Not everyone is living the life they want, so I offer a simple thought for the new year and that would be to just "take stock" of your life as it is today. Don't sugar coat or gloss over your findings. Be honest. Like me I am sure that there will be flaws and failings, a few ouches and some ahas! and that within all of your findings there will be hidden opportunities and chances for change. The new year is a beginning for introspection not self-flagellation.

I am NOT making any of the traditional resolutions. However after a few heart -to -heart talks with myself I have decided that there are two words that I will focus on for myself this year that are rather like resolutions; one is to better understand or analyze my own motivation, or lack thereof, and the other is to understand how determined I am to pursue new ideas and interests. These are some of the missing links of the rewiring puzzle.