Monday, March 8, 2010

Get The Most Out Of "Coming of Age!"

We've all heard people say...act your age! Over the weekend I heard a Mom tell her 16 year old son who was "goofing" around to act his age, and at a wedding I heard the same woman tell her Father who was having a great time on the dance floor to act his age! Personally I thought that she was too uptight with both of them and her father did too and told her so! This idea of what it means to act your age has both personal and collective implications! The meaning to act your age for the 50+ person is evolving and I hope will continue to for years to come!

The concept of age, aging, getting older are all great topics for future blogs, but today I want to talk about a terrific website,"Coming of Age." Much of my work is involved with rewiring individuals and organizations to think and act differently about the future. I always have my eyes and ears open for new ideas to help people figure out What's Next In Their Life? If that sounds like you then this is the website to investigate.

If you need ideas about pathways and possibilities to help you explore your future, (two topics near and dear to my own heart! ) then this is a great spot for you as you take your journey!

If you have time to give back and want to learn how and where to contribute , you'll get some thought-provoking ideas. If you are an organization and want to better understand what is on the mind of the 50+ person when it comes to giving back to the community, then immediately get to the site and get inspired and armed with action tools!

Do I sound excited about this site, I am! The site delivers. As their tag -line says--"It's about capturing the talent and energy of people 50+!"

So if you are ready to rewire®, or just thinking ahead or ready for a change, then check out Coming of Age! Go for it and DON'T let your age get in the way of pursuing a new idea or two!

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