Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Age Busters Power Summit for Boomer Men is Coming!

It’s always a good thing to get insights on topics that are near and dear.  There is a great opportunity coming which will provide important information to Boomers.  The Age Busters Power Summit for Men is a virtual event broadcast on the internet Beginning October 17 and running for 2 weeks.  The cost is exceptionally good:  It’s free.  This very unique program will offer tips and strategies on retirement, health issues, wellness, relationships, social security, lifestyle changes and financial issues for men over 55 years old.  They have already done a successful event for women.  This should be another good one.

Jonny and Jodye Friedman, a husband and wife team, are co-founders of Age Busters.  They provide information, advice and services to help people “dazzle within” as they call it.  They have taken it upon themselves to interview experts in a variety of areas important to the over 55 set. Rick was interviewed on the subject of finding a new job when you are a mature worker.  Jonny did the interviewing.  Jonny is exceptionally passionate about getting good information into the hands and ears of Boomers who are either looking forward to retiring, already in it, or looking to cycle back in to new work opportunities.  He has selected and interviewed some great experts in the field.

Each interview lasts about 45 minutes to one hour and will be available on line by going to the following link:   The Age Busters Power Summit

You can tune in any time 24/7 during the offering period to get valuable strategies, insights, and reflections on the things that matter during this key life stage.  It will be well worth the time investment!!  You don’t have to be a man to listen.  Anyone who has a guy in their life: father, brother, son, husband, partner, etc.  may get some very helpful info to pass along.  Don’t miss it.