Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thank You, Sherry Lansing

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Sherry Lansing, former CEO of Paramount Pictures at an ENCORE.org event at her home in California. I admired her Hollywood success and she loved our book, Don’t Retire, REWIRE! I always hoped the book would be made into a movie, only kidding, but we have always been gratified by Sherry’s support of our work and she gave us a wonderful quote for the new Third Edition of our book.  In many ways, she is a great example of a rewired retiree. Once Sherry left Paramount, she started the Sherry Lansing Foundation, which funds cancer research and she also works to promote stem cell research.

We felt that it would be appropriate to include a New York Times retirement article written in 2015 entitled, Even at the Top, Making Plans for Life’s ‘Third Chapter’. The stories, including one about Sherry, highlight the choices successful people have made to REWIRE their lives into meaningful and fulfilling activities in their third chapters.  Rick and I were interviewed for the article. We said it then and we continue to say it: “Do your planning in advance so you won’t get blocked out of something.” “Ask yourself, if you had infinite time and money, what would you want to do? Write these things down. Start to look now. What does it take to get there?”  

One of the major themes successful people embrace in their third chapter is helping others.  They execute their ideas in a variety of ways. The article concludes with a very heartfelt quote from Sherry: “You need to be interested and curious until the day that you die.” Now that’s a formula for success!! Thank you, Sherry.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Another Labor Day Has Come and Gone

Labor Day became an official holiday in 1894. It was created to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of the American worker. We think of Labor Day as the end of Summer and the start of school, not to mention football season. However maybe it’s also time for each of us to think about what work means to us… whether it’s paid, volunteer, full time, part time or gig work. 

Work conjures up a range of emotions. From love to hate to somewhere in between, and those emotions can all be in the same week!  We often complain about a 24/7 work life, being beholden to technology, demanding clients, bad bosses, difficult co-workers, endless reorganizations, and tedious commutes. But too often we fail to recognize the positive aspects of work. As one of our clients put it, “Work is where I get my atta boys (or atta girls).”

As co-authors of Don’t Retire, REWIRE! we are always asking people, whether they are considering retirement, already retired and looking for something new, or are seeking to make a career transition “What would you miss, or did you miss about work beyond the money?”  

Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

  • ·     Do you like having accomplishments?
  • ·     Do you enjoy having structure?
  • ·     Do you like to belong?
  • ·     Do you like mentoring others?

The above italicized words are just four of the 85 Drivers or personal motivators that we discovered give satisfaction and fulfillment to activities in our life, including work. To learn more, check out the What Drives You box on our website.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Announcing the 3rd Edition of Don't Retire, REWIRE!

Over the past two years we have been conducting research and tracking retirement trends of pre and post retirees around the globe. We discovered that much has changed financially, socially and globally since 2007, when the Second Edition of Don’t Retire, REWIRE! was published. What has not changed is the universal need for people to better understand themselves as they plan for the future.

We have also created a new and streamlined interactive website with downloadable quizzes for couples and indiv

Going forward, we will do a twice monthly blog which will include posts on what we’ve heard, what we’ve read, and what we’ve seen from longevity and leisure to financial planning and friendships, to transitions, travel, and the test marketing of new ideas. Our goal is to inform and inspire you as you plan for and live your future.

If you want to reach out with an idea, a question or comment, click on the Contact Us on the website.   

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Knowing Yourself is the Key to a Positive Retirement

Our book DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE! 5 Steps to Fulfilling work…was first published in 2002; the second edition in 2007. At the time of publication our editor at ALPHA, a division of Penguin, called it an “evergreen” book meaning that the message would stay relevant for years…and it has! The first Baby Boomers who turned age 70 in 2016 got insights and ideas from the book, and now the biggest group of boomers, the 4.3 million born in 1957, and are in their 59th year, are now finding answers to their questions within the pages of the book.

Although we have discovered that the title can be deceiving for some, we are not telling people not to retire, but rather to take the time they gave to their traditional work, and put it into new activities that will fulfill them. We are not saying stay working, but yet we don’t want people to go from 95 mph to 10 mph. That can have a bad effect on peoples' minds and bodies too.
In our work we have discovered that “rust out can be as bad as burn out!”

So what is the secret in DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE? To know yourself. Pretty simple, huh? This is the time of life to discover what/who/where and why things or people turn you on.   Over the past several years we have traveled the globe from Saudi Arabia to Salt Lake City, sharing our rewiring process with people at all stages of health, wealth and age who are afraid of what the future might or might not hold for them!

The Drivers exercise that is in DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE! is still the best way to discover what motivates you. To identify what gives you your buzz!  We live in crazy, competitive and demanding times, and often we put our own needs at the bottom of the list. Well if you want to be happy in the future, however you define your next act, take the Drivers test and get some self knowledge. Our five step process takes some of the guess work and fear out of the future…the personal insights that you learn at 59 will still influence you at 70, or 80 or yes maybe 90! We really don’t change that much.

Get a rewiring attitude. Don’t be in denial about the future; and don’t leave everything to chance. You could have a long runway in front of you with plenty of time for new dreams and desires. Don’t leave your future on the sidelines by failing to take the steps required to realize those dreams.

Feeling confused and anxious, and excited and joyful, are all emotions that one person can have at the same time! So if you are having them, you are not alone.

Because people are busy we’re going to use our Facebook page to give new ideas to our readers and we hope you will follow us and like us there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Having a Pet May Mean a Healthier Retirement

It may not be a new trend, but we are hearing from a quite a view readers that as part of their plan to REWIRE they have added a new pet to the family.  Not that it should be surprising, after all, recent surveys show that 68% of U.S. households have a pet.  Of course, that includes all pets: snakes, lizards, gerbils, alligators (yes, alligators), and other exotic beings.  Most are opting for the more traditional route: a dog or a cat.
The benefits of having a pet are multiple and hold great appeal for retirees.  Pets are great company.  You may live by or be home by yourself. If there is a pet in the house you are never alone. They make good company and take your mind off of yourself.  As one person said to us recently, "Yes, I admit it, I talk to my dog. He listens. I feel better. He doesn't feel worse. The day seems a little brighter.  Then we go for a walk."  What could be bad about that.
Don't make light of the "going for a walk" part.  Getting out of the house and walking is a great way to exercise with a purpose.  It is also a terrific way to meet new people. Ask anyone in NYC who goes to Central Park with their dog.  Strangers talk to them....the pet that is.  Eventually the conversation extends to the pet owner as well!  Social engagement via a pet has great possibilities. Some of our single friends say it can be as effective as Match.com.
Having a pet requires care and cost. It isn't fair if you are always traveling to leave them home or in the care of a stranger.  Grooming an animal can be time consuming. Taking them to the Vet can be a financial challenge for some people. Cleaning up after them is not so terrific.  If they get hair or fur over everything, vacuuming takes time.  There are no guarantees that you and a new pet will bond. For that matter, you may get the pet, but the pet may love someone else in the household more.  Now that all the disclaimers have been said.  Let's end on the one great truth of pet ownership: They are fun, distracting, lovable, and exciting to be around.  Sounds like a winning combination to us.

Monday, September 21, 2015

THE INTERN: Planning to Work in Retirement

There is a new film coming out this week called THE INTERN. Based on the preview we saw, we have added it to our list of  films to see.  Robert De Niro plays a recent retiree who REWIRES. He wants to be doing something he enjoys: work.  His character gets an opportunity to be an intern at a start up.    The film gives humorous and factual insight into today's work environment.  It's still competitive, challenging, and more complex than ever. Technology requires learning something new almost daily.  However it is also becoming more intergenerational.  People of all ages are learning from each other.  Now that's a novel idea!

If you are thinking of going back to work in some fashion, there are some things you need to consider.  Working in retirement today means you can become an intern, a part or full time employee, be a consultant or start your own business....finally doing something you love.

It’s key for you to think about some basic questions before you jump in....half of the time people say they want to work or want new work options, but don't know what it is they want; can't tell others who would like what they want to do, nor do they have an elevator speech ready to go to explain what they want to do.!

We need other people to help us uncover opportunities so we need to make sure--- coming out of the gate--- that we have our act together! We need to be mentally and physically prepared to help others, so they can help us!

Here are some tips to get you thinking. Many of them are pretty basic…in fact you may think they're so obvious that they should be second nature, and you'd be right! But the obvious is often overlooked.

1. Know WHY you want to work in retirement. (For pay, intellectual stimulation, community, for driver fulfillment?)
2. Think broadly about possible work options (for wages, for a fee, for free by volunteering, being a consultant, starting your own business, working for someone else?)
3. Determine how you want to work: Part time/full time/flex/seasonal
4.Visualize your "dream" job or situation. What would it look like
5.Keep your technology skills up to date
6. Review past accomplishments to get a sense of work you like
7. Identify the skills you want to use and needs you want to fulfill
8. Test market a work idea.  Start with an internship or shadow someone doing the job
9. Create a concise, short 2 minute elevator "job you want" speech (This tells your network what kind of work you want to pursue)
10.Stay RELEVANT physically, mentally, socially.

Monday, September 14, 2015

How old do you think you are?

How we see ourselves in the mirror is often misleading.  If you are having a bad day, you think you look older than you really are.  If you are having a good day, you think you look younger. Makes sense, doesn't it. We have a friend who has created a formula that he uses when he looks in the mirror.  Here is how he describes it: "Up until I was 45, every time I looked in the mirror, I saw myself as 28.  But once I hit 45, I saw myself as 35.  When I hit 50, it jumped to 40.  At 60, it went to 45. I just turned 70, so now I see myself as 50.  I guess when I reach 100, I will see myself as 75. It makes perfect sense to me."  In reality he doesn't care what anyone else thinks how he looks, and he readily acknowledges self-delusion. But his formula simply makes him feel better. A new study shows how people of different ages define older age. It confirms what we hear most often about the perceptions of aging.

Our faces often reflect are lives. Each wrinkle a decade of experience.  Some decades are harder than others.  It also shows how much time we spent in the sun without sunscreen.  Remember the home brew of baby oil and iodine many of us used in our teens and twenties? The sure way to tan. But it was even better if you used a reflector.  What were we thinking?  Skin cancer was hardly on the screen then.  The other factor is our DNA.  Did our ancestors win the tight skin lottery or did they have to run around in skin looking older than their age.

Whether you look young or old, the key is feeling good about yourself.  Take care of that skin.  Lotions, vitamins, exercises, sunscreen, hats, etc. all help.  It only takes a little effort to make a big difference.  After all, don't you want to look 75 when you hit 100?

Rewiring also means taking care of yourself as you age so you can look your best.  Projecting energy and vitality can lead to opportunities that can make a big difference, especially if you are looking for a new job, part time work, being selected for a great volunteer assignment, or if you are out in the dating market again.