Saturday, May 10, 2008

REWIRING Is NOT Just About the Big Stuff!

As I travel the country, it doesn't matter whether I'm talking to an audience of Boomers, Gen X-ers, retirees, rewirees, or pre-retirees, I leave and never know for sure how, or if my message to rewire their energy, regardless of age or stage of life, is getting through to them. Think about a speaker, I'm there and then I leave. I often sit on planes and wonder "Did I make a difference?" "Did they get a new idea or two?"

This week I got my answer from a friend who called on Friday and said, "Ok. I took your advice, I'm doing a little rewiring. I want you to know that I'm walking back to my office. I didn't hop right into a cab after my meeting (she lives in New York City). In fact I'm noticing the tulips on Park Avenue, the number of dogs on the street, and that New York is full of tourists!"

"So how does it feel?" I asked. "Actually it's kind of nice because I'm reflecting on my meeting and what my client said in a different way!" I was ready to say "see how easy it is," when she continued with, "And if I walk just right I can still check e-mails on my Blackberry!" Okay, so she hadn't broken a habit, but she was trying something new. She had rewired a little bit of her energy...That's what matters..and she was actually noticing things around her. So maybe it's time for you to drive a different way to work...or listen to a new cd or radio station. It doesn't matter what you do, just re-route some of your energy and see what happens!Maybe nothing...maybe a lot!

Rewiring is not about big changes's about trying small changes on for size and seeing how it feels.