Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Open Your Eyes: Possibilities Abound

We are an odd nation of individuals; there are those who make things happen; those who watch things happen and those who after everything has happened say: “WOW! What happened?”  At this point, you should be asking yourself…Which one am I?

We hope you are in the first category, or at least can get yourself there. Why? Because your life will be more fulfilling…and fun…if you can make things happen for yourself.  There are thousands of self help books out there…and maybe you have read some but stop reading and let’s get into action. 

First, identify a real goal or something you are ready to pursue or at least investigate.

A recent retiree who we have been working with to rewire decided it was time to get some fitness into her life. She now had the time, freedom, flexibility and desire to “get in shape."   She had a gym in her apartment building, but didn’t like going there so our question to her was…why not?  What do you want to get out of a workout? What do you want to do and where do you want to do it? This may sound really simple and obvious but it isn’t always and it is a part of a person’s rewiring.

At our suggestion she “talked to herself” and through her own assessment discovered:

·        She didn’t want to work out alone.

·        She didn’t want the pressure or to pay for a personal trainer.

·        She wanted to try a variety of classes like Spinning and Zumba.

·        She thought she also might like to learn to swim.

·        She wanted a convenient friendly gym that wasn’t too glitzy but still “cool.”

…and then she started throwing up roadblocks. And that’s when we said STOP!

Get on Google; put in your desired neighborhood; identify your desire for a pool or fitness
classes and see what happens!

She is now a member of Asphalt Green on the Upper East Side in New York City.  A non profit community center that is 20 blocks from her home, where she had gone by hundreds of times in the last 20 years but never visited, and in the end she even joined during a special promotion!  The point is….she never opened her eyes and looked around to see what was right in front of her!

Lesson: At this stage of life particularly open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities!