Monday, September 8, 2008

Interview with Brian Kurth of Vocation Vacations

An interview I recently did with Brian Kurth of Vocation Vacations is now available as a free downloadable podcast in the iTunes music store. Just search 'vocation vacations' in iTunes to find it. You can also listen to in mp3 format here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rewirement Tips - v.3

There are so many things to consider as we face the future. The concept of Rewiring® should touch on all aspects of our life--- if we let it. Here are a few more tips to contemplate your future; the reality is, they work for people of all ages! You’ll see that there’s a few tips that I keep reinforcing, such as Know Yourself! The reason I keep driving this message home is that too many people want to skip this most important step…they just want to just go and do; that will work for awhile then you’ll come up anxious again. Spend some time getting to know yourself; I bet you’re a very interesting person!

Accept the Future as a time of endings and beginnings. Think about what will end in your life, and ask will you miss it? Ask what you want to end, and know why you won’t miss it. Also cite what you don’t want to have changed.

Acknowledge how you handle change. Do you run from it; thrive on it; embrace it; lead it? This insight should guide your planning.

Keep your values close. Our values are our anchors. Is work your anchor? Recognize that the absence of work may leave you feeling adrift.

Go on vacation. Do something totally different the first week of your new life. If you know that change is hard for you, and that the first Monday of your new life will be tough, be away.

Take the time to know yourself. It’s a journey well worth taking. As a start read Don’t Retire, REWIRE to gain insights, then if you want more go hire a coach or talk to a role model or mentor, you don’t have to figure out your life alone.

Listen to yourself. Take one off-beat idea you have and play it through. Let the kid in you emerge. There may be a whole other side of you dying to get out.