Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We're almost one month into 2009 and the market is still volatile, unemployment numbers continue to creep up as the Consumer Confidence Index goes down. I've been on the road a lot working with organizations and individuals who are in transition or think that they might be in the near future. I don't want to appear as a gloom and doom person...I really am a realistic optimist but having said that---I tell people "not to assume that their work life can't or won't change any time soon!" I think that this is the right time for all of us to adopt the Scout motto---BE PREPARED!

I have a particular focus on the older worker and was recently interviewed on the subject of rewiring for older workers...a topic near and dear to my own heart.(Remember in the United States a mature worker is anyone over the age of 40!)

Please read my interview on George's Employment Blawg
I tried to be as straight-forward as possible in sharing strategies and tactics for getting the job or getting the overall next act right!

Stay tuned! We will be adding advice for the Wise Job-Seeker. Helpful hints to get you where you need to go.