Wednesday, December 10, 2008

REWIRED CAREERS- Meet The Purpose Prize Winners

I'm always looking for stories and ideas to share with you about people who have rewired or are in the process of rewiring and I have to say that the 6 NEW Purpose Prize winners blew me away! Their stories, their achievements, their honesty about their trials and tribulations were inspirational and I want you to meet them.

The easiest way to read these fascinating stories, and maybe get some rewiring ideas of your own, is at

The creators of the Purpose Prize are Civic Ventures and with financial support from The Atlantic Philanthropies and The Templeton Fund.

The innovative winners who have made such an impact on the lives of others receive a substantial monetary award.

I happen to be a member of the Encore Leadership Network, and I know that we are already looking for next year's nominate someone---or even yourself--

We are living in challenging times and often someone else's story just might be the catalyst to get us to think differently about our work options, or the story could contain a nugget of an idea that sparks a brand new idea...either way, let the sparks fly! And no matter what-- remember getting an idea to pursue takes time! Be kind to yourself.