Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm an animal lover. Animals are one of my passions, and in fact I would love to be a vet's assistant one day (maybe that will be a part of a future rewiring!) but for now I get my thrills from going to events such as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Watching the dogs compete is wonderful but going behind the scenes is the best. It's upfront and personal and being close to the dogs feeds my soul! And when Stump, the 10 year-year old Sussex spaniel, (that's 70 in human years!) who had just come out of retirement, won Best in Show in New York City Tuesday night, no one cheered louder than me!

It wasn't just for Stump that I was cheering but rather for all mature workers, both four and two footed! As Senior Advisor at The Conference Board on the Mature Workforce, my mission is to challenge organizations to continue to recognize the talent and productivity of experienced workers. It's crazy that in 1967, the Age Discrimination Employment Act, designated 40 as the age of the Mature Worker. Since we are living on average another 20 to 25 years after the age of 65, some things have got to change!

We all have to rewire our thinking and actions about the future! Stump is my new hero---right up there with US Airways pilot Sully Sullenberger! Let's hear it for mature workers!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am thrilled by some of the innovative and socially rewarding things that people 60 years and older are doing as "encore careers." (People under 60 are doing cool things too, but today I'm focused on 60+!) I am an advocate of people rewiring and when you see people doing things that are fulfilling their own needs and society's, you can't help but get excited.
Civic Ventures, the fantastic organization spearheaded by my friend, Marc Freedman, is looking for nominations for the next 10 winners of The Purpose Prize. The Purpose Prize is a $100,000 award for people over age 60 who have created new ways to solve social issues. From healthcare to education, to global warming to poverty reduction, winners of The Purpose Prize have been recognized for using their experience, wisdom, and skills to figure out new methods and/or organizations for improving communities both here and abroad. Click here to read about Purpose Prize winners.

I have met some prior winners, (who I consider to be great rewiring role models!) and have to admit that they are truly living fulfilled lives, while enriching the lives of others. I know that some of you are also doing great work, or know others who are so here is your opportunity to nominate yourself or another for the 2009 Purpose Prize award.

It's easy to do the nomination at The deadline is March 5, 2009.

So maybe you're not a candidate this year, but at least take a moment now and think---what issues are out there today that interest me? and that I would want to change? That is the beginning of the rewiring process that puts you on the pathway to your encore career!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


During these times of challenge and change, I have been telling audiences of all ages, and at all stages of life, that they have to rewire. Rewiring is not something you do in, or for the future, it's something you should be doing every day of your life. The truth is, few people enact change in their lives until they are forced to.

I'm not talking about BIG changes, nor am I talking about work-related change only. Rewiring is about changing, now. Rewiring impacts how you are living your life, today. In a recent speech I challenged an audience to leave the program, and to go out and add some fun into their life. I asked that they do something different than normal, and that they think about how it fulfilled one of their drivers, as identified in our book, DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! My challenge was to get everyone to do something that was fun and out of their comfort zone.

It was apparent that some people were totally ready for more fun, and just were waiting for someone (me!) to say go for it!

Others were less enthusiastic and it showed. One guy said, "So rewiring guru, have you made any changes?" So to my readers and friends, yes is the answer. I took my first belly dancing class last night at The Open Center in New York City with the dancer, Safiya.

I was not only way out of my comfort zone but I was also one of the oldest women in the class

(I wondered where all of the other boomers were??) The reality was, I loved the class! and I filled one of my drivers, which is to have new experiences---and boy did I ever!

I rewired some of my energy into doing something that was totally new to me---not very expensive---where I was with people I didn't know---where I discovered a new from of exercise---and where I woke up today feeling great!

So folks---I'll ask the question, what's stopping you from doing a little rewiring today?