Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Have You Hidden In Plain Sight?

Do you ever look at something and not really see it? I think it happens alot today especially with people who have too much on their minds and too little time.

Several years ago I taped a list entitled: Lydia's Anti-Aging Essentials inside a cabinet in my bathroom. I probably open that cabinet on average three to four times a day; multiply four by 365 days a year, give or take days for vacation,and then multiply by at least 10 years of living in this apartment and that amounts to 14,600 opportunities for me to have read the list. Yet it didn't happen. I opened the door but never noticed the list at all, and this went on for years!

The paper was beginning to turn yellow so I took the list down. I was surprised to see that the list contained 12 very interesting items. In fact it included things that I believe in, and espouse every day. They are basic but bear repeating. The author is someone named Lydia; I don't know her but 10 years ago I liked what she had to say, and I still do today. Her list fits right in with my views and can be used as a framework for rewiring your life both inside and out!

Lydia's Anti-Aging Essentials Include:
1.Sex and Massage
2.Prayer and Exercise
4.Afternoon tea
5.Utter honesty---especially with self
6.Gratitude for simple pleasures
8.Work-(in many cultures the word 'retirement' means death!)
11.See things from another person's point of view
12.No absolutes

So what messages do you have hidden around work, at play, in your house, that you need to look at with a new set of eyes?

Friday, January 7, 2011

What Do I Stand to Gain and Lose This Year?

Last year I asked readers to stop making resolutions they know they won't keep. This year I'm going the next step by asking you to focus only on the "in the gut" resolutions that you really do want to make a reality.

In other words what I'm saying is STOP WITH THE LIP SERVICE! The number one resolution every year is to lose weight. So if you are one of the millions of people who want to lose weight for health, appearance,or longevity reasons, then read on.

A NY Times article about "bulge busting companies" like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Jenny Craig highlights how these companies are making it more user friendly to help dieters achieve their resolutions.

This same article also talks about apparel companies like Fila and Reebok who are manufacturing toning apparel that is engineered to make working out more effective. These are just a few examples of how consumers can leverage resources to make resolutions realities. There's no getting around the reality that using these products and services does cost money.

And here is our challenge to you in the New Year-- ask yourself, "what will be my return on this investment?" I bring this rewired way of thinking to you because this year when I spend discretionary money, and each of us describes discretionary differently, I'm going to ask myself, "how will I benefit from this purchase or service?"

Successful businesses focus on ROI, return on investment. Why not individuals? Let 2011 become the year of Personal ROI. However, if weight is on your resolution list this year, ask yourself, before you spend any money, what do I stand to lose? By losing weight and inches, you will be gaining the achievement of your goal.And you could gain by becoming overall healthier,more youthful appearance, improved muscle mass, toned, great abs, and on and on!

So these companies, like FILA, Weightwatchers, etc, and my new way to rewire your thinking could help you get rid of the lip service and get on with your life!