Thursday, December 13, 2012


We recently did a blog on why people don’t try new things and it is often because they are safeguarding their time, effort, energy and money. In our presentations and workshops we are always challenging people to REWIRE®. We help them identify dreams, goals and resources that would lead to a more fulfilling future… at work, at play, in life overall.

Every day we meet men and women over 50 who want to rewire their life by trying something new. That “new” can be learning a sport, a language, doing yoga, even volunteering, but for whatever reason they find excuses not to proceed. We had earlier discovered that they postpone or procrastinate on moving forward because of time, effort, energy and money….and now we add …they are safeguarding their egos…to the list!

We first saw this happening with Boomers who were facing retirement, or even in retirement, and admitted to being bored and “antsy” to try other things, but holding back. Being researchers we probed why this was happening, and discovered that they didn’t want to be a beginner. They didn’t want to look stupid in front of others as they tried something new.

Many of these men and women had been highly successful in their work, and didn’t want to be in positions where they would appear vulnerable, and not able to compete at peak performance.

One man lamented that he could kick himself now for not having taken up golf years ago, now at 64 his friends played a pretty good game, and he didn’t. He told us he didn’t like to play with them, because they ribbed him about how bad he was and he hated it!

In our experience there is no possible way to go from being a beginner to an expert, or even just proficient in something, without starting out as a novice!

We all have to make some hard choices: Will our ego permit us to be a beginner, or will our self perception hold us back from new experiences? The answer is up to us but here are a few very basic tips to ponder:
1. Look into taking a private lesson or two to jumpstart your new activity.

2. Supplement your classes with books, videos and apps.

3. Don’t be a “quick quitter!”

4. Believe in the adage: “Practice Makes Permanent.”

5. Your brain has great “plasticity;” challenge and use your gray matter.

Don’t let your ego hold you back form a great future. Go out and BEGIN!