Friday, March 22, 2019

Dig Up the Past to Plan Your Future

We just returned from a two week archeological tour of Israel.  One of the sites we visited was a dig that had unearthed 21 layers of history.  Said another way, over time 21 different historical communities existed at the same location.  When one community ended, another was built over it. During the subsequent millennium, new "civilizations" took hold.  It is hard to imagine when you see how compressed each layer is.  21 different histories exist in about 20 feet of strata.

Our guide loved the concept of REWIRING.  We all agreed that each community needed to REWIRE itself through the ages.

Archeological digs are like individuals.  We have many different historical layers of our lives involving interests, work, hobbies and opportunities.  People who seem to have the best retirements periodically excavate their own lives.  You don't need a shovel or a pick to get to the other layers.  You need some time to reflect on what you were previously interested in and to determine if a spark still exists that can ignite your interest all over again.

Our readers often contact us with their own stories of excavation and how they ended up with renewed interests after retirement.  Among the ideas cited were rediscovered old activities and hobbies they had has children or as teenagers.  Some even report they have used past ideas to start an entrepreneurial venture that has enabled them to keep working.  Put on your Indiana Jones hat and start digging!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Yes! There are Opportunities for Workers Over 50!

Age discrimination still exists, but not everywhere.  There is something new in the air that feels like opportunity.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics exceptionally low unemployment rates have resulted in over 7.3 million U.S. jobs being unfilled.  If you are thinking about leaving retirement behind and going back to work, now may be the time. According to The Job Network older workers are in demand.   If you are thinking of changing jobs even though you are over the age of 50, the stars may have lined up for you.  Significantly low unemployment rates are creating a much more receptive environment for older adult workers.  Numerous articles are appearing that highlight that older workers are being valued. recently published an article entitled "The Proven Value of Workers Over 50" demonstrating the stability, work ethic and dependability that this work force segment represents.   HR departments are becoming believers.  The momentum is on your side and we think it's about time!

It may also be a good time to invest in yourself.  Some individuals are going back to school and getting a new degree and others are pursing certifications that will permit them to start a whole new career.  Online learning represents a new opportunity to learn while you are still working. The costs of many online programs are decreasing rapidly making them affordable as well as convenient.

If you are already retired and are getting the itch to get back in the game, you don't have to go back to the same type job unless you want to. If doing something entirely different appeals to you, begin by  asking yourself what kind of work would you like to do. Come up with some ideas and start investigating.  If you hit on one that seems to be a good fit, see if you can find an internship.  Yes, older workers do get internships.  An internship will either confirm the job is for you or isn't a dream but a nightmare.  You can save a lot of time and false starts this way.  Often, internships can convert to full time positions.

Older workers can readily see that keeping up with evolving technology is a necessity if you want to remain competitive.  More and more companies are assigning older workers to age diverse teams that also include younger workers who are on the cutting edge of the latest computer updates.  The team benefits from older and younger experience.

Don't give up before you start. You may be pleasantly surprised when a potential employer asks you, "How soon can you start?"