Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Plans change. You can either become upset or see the change as an opportunity. That's what we did when a friend's business plans forced our weekend plans with them to be cancelled. My first thought was, "ok, what's something on our list that we have wanted to do but haven't done yet, for whatever reason?"

First, let me say that there is something inherently important built into that question, and it is.."do you have a fun to do list?" If not , why not? I want to turn the traditional thinking about to-do lists on its head! I interviewed several people who all told me that they view to-do lists as drudgery, as work to be done, as have - to do's vs. want-to do's!

Wait a minute...maybe this is the time to create a fun to do list of things that will give you fun, enjoyment, or just plain good times! It's time to rewire our thinking about fun and to sit down and identify with whom and where we have our best fun times. During these times of economic challenge knowing what makes you tick at work AND at play is critical!

I went to my fun to do list and thought --could this be the weekend to explore yoga in more detail, (and to include my husband in the process) and attend a wonderful concert or two at the Tanglewood Music Center in the Berkshires. I got on line and checked out the KRIPALU Yoga Center catalogue and discoverd that they were offering a weekend of YOGA, MINDFULNESS and MUSIC at Tanglewood! I thought how perfect...combining yoga and Yo-Yo Ma! for me it doesn't get much better than that!

You may hate yoga. The truth is , it doesn't matter what your event or activity is. My challenge to you is that you don't just fill time with whatever. Starting today take the time to get to know yourself better. It all begins with you identifying where you get your fun...and with whom you are having the good times. And if you are not having enough fun, begin to make it a priority.

AND remember fun does NOT have to come with a big price ticket!