Monday, March 15, 2010


When we did the research for DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! a key part of our research focused on people answering the question: Why Do You Work Beyond A Paycheck? Unsolicited we received over 85 reasons, or what we call drivers, for why people worked beyond the money. These drivers ranged from having accomplishments and a sense of belonging to being valued, getting recognition and making a difference.

Our goal was to have people recognize their drivers, or what made them tick, and to use that knowledge for creating their next act, third age, encore career, or whatever they chose to call it!

I often told my corporate clients that if they could incorporate our driver component into their performance reviews and in how they managed their employees, then everyone would win!

Daniel Pink's latest book DRIVE! has done just that! It has hit every bestseller list in just the first month because it has the message we both believe is NOT just about the money!

So I'm helping people get rewired by making sure they understand their drivers and Dan Pink is doing the same on a big corporate level! Maybe together we can make some real difference!

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