Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mature Job Seekers Take Note

The unemployment numbers don't seem to be going down. More people have been out of work and in transition longer than at any time since the Great Depression. Many of the unemployed are getting overwhelmed by the absence of a job like they used to have. Unfortunately, many of the "used to have" jobs aren't coming back soon or ever. But there is an often over looked route that may lead to pay dirt: Temp Work. The New York Times featured a great article on the subject last week. Temporary work shouldn't be frowned upon. It can fill the pocket short term and often leads to permanent employment when the economy starts turning around. You may think it isn't the ideal job, but it is a job that just may lead to a new future for you. A few of the big temp firms also called Workforce Management companies are Kelly, Adecco, Spherion, and Randstad. It's all part of the Rewiring® journey. Temp jobs are also great for retirees looking for a short term gig.

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