Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insights From A 60 Year Old Intern

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting, and very honest article entitled: Older U.S. Work Force Has An Ugly Wrinkle. Reading the article was like watching a reality show--the content was " very real" especially at 6:30am. Many people have to work longer, some want to work longer, and the impact is that more Americans are putting off retirement.

Some people in need of finding new work need to look at things differently--in fact they need to think like teenagers and imagine landing an internship---a great way to test a job and yourself in a new role. did a great article on the topic entitled: Lessons From A 60-Year Old Intern where the "older"interns share their positive emotions and challenges. I view it as a Must Read for both individuals and organizations, and see internships as a valid new pathway for mature workers.

More organizations need to change their thinking and begin to value the mature worker who brings wisdom, skills and experience to organizations. It's time for everyone to rewire® their thinking as we face a new and constantly changing competitive future!

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