Friday, June 25, 2010


Change is the name of the game! I know, you're thinking, boy is that trite, so what else is new? The reality is is that change is the new constant in our, tomorrow and probably forever! When people ask me "when is it going back to the way it was before?" I just flat out say, "it's not," so we need to accept that fact and begin to bring change into our own lives, as and if needed.

I don't know where you are on the continium of change, but I've accepted that I can't control most of the change going on around me. Once that reality hits home, you realize that you can control change in your own life, at least the change you institute.

Change is about personal choices and consequences, whether it be at work, at play, or just in life overall. For every action we take, or don't take, regardless of our age or stage of life, there is a reaction. People will tell me they want to rewire® their lives. It doesn't matter if it is to secure a new career, to experience a different level of leisure and fun or to find new purpose at work and play, you can't hit a new goal or dream without experiencing some type of change.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a nation of procrastinators. That's why I wanted to give you some principles for change. The goal is to help you coach yourself through a change. I don't claim ownership of these principles but I find them very sound for the times!
And they are new to the way we think about life and our future.
So here are four new principles for change for you to ponder and use:
  • Choices & Prices- Life is an auction, and everything has a price ticket. The question is "how much are you willing to pay?" and "can afford to pay?"
  • Responsibility-The person who feels the problem most has the greatest responsibility for correcting it.
  • Replacement-The best way to ovecome a bad impulse is to repalce it with a better one.
  • Levels-Every situation has many things going on that need to be recognized and assessed.

When times are challenging it's easy to become complacent. I hope that we can all be there to help each other...that's why I wanted to share these thoughts on change with you. They are slightly different from many other messages and I hope they help you think about your life in a different way. There are things you want to change and things you need to change--and as you go through the list appreciate what you have and don't ever want to change in our life!

I'm not saying that change is easy, but with some thought put into it, change does NOT have to be as hard as we sometimes think it will be or as hard as we make it!

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