Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Some people say it's hard to stay motivated...others say it's hard to get motivated, and being someone whose business it is to motivate others, I think that today overall it's a little harder to get, stay and be motivated!

That's why I'm a fan of coaching! All types of coaching...both formal and informal, for work and play!

  • I have a friend who is a jazz singer, and she works with a voice coach.

  • I have a young friend who is a baseball coach for executives who want to play baseball better in their free time.

  • I belong to a gang of three couples who coach each other to try new things.

  • And I have many friends who are executive, life or retirement coaches.

  • Even a few who are business and entrepreneur coaches!

My point is, as people face the future I want them to undertake new ventures. To me, it's all about rewiring energy and actions. But some time you need a little help from your friends. Yes, famous words from a great song! But it's true! Regardless of your age I hope you want to try something new; maybe a new job, or you want to excel at a sport or take a risk and create a new business and need some support to either get started or stay in the game! Knowing that someone is in your corner, is in the ring with you, is a big help.

The truth is sometimes you just plain need a jumpstart or some on-going support.

That's why I loved the article in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday entitled: "The Power Of A Gentle Nudge." The article's focus was on "older" people and exercise.The story presented the findings on a Stanford University study which showed that small amounts of social support, from friends who encourage each other via e-mail or the phone, to having an actual meeting with a fitness coach, kept people motivated and exercising. I loved the premise because to me the support aspect could refer to anyone or anything.

Even the most committed people could use a nudge and those who are venturing out and trying something new need a nudge, or rwo or three!

So why do some people feel that they have to accomplish a goal solely on their own? Why do they beat themselves up if they are tired and don't feel motivated to do something? It's human nature to want to "bag something because you're tired." And once you do that, you usually end up kicking yourself later for not being motivated! So it becomes a vicious circle and you end up frustrated with yourself, twice! Accept the fact that even the most motivated of us need a little coach in our corner! Whether it be a formal or informal arrangement, see if a little coaching helps you hit your next goal!

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