Friday, March 20, 2009


During these challenging times I've decided to try new and different things that are fun, inexpensive, and getting me out of my comfort zone. And if I can learn a thing or two along the way, that's terrific so that's how I ended up at the YMHA, better known as the 92nd Street Y Tribeca in New York City.

I wanted to learn to play poker. I'm from a card playing family in Michigan but have gotten rusty through the years. My goal was to learn the game, get a group of friends together once a month to play cards, to get caught up, do some networking, and do something that challenged the mind and was active, not passive! Basically I was Rewiring my fun time!

I took a lunch time class called- POKERDIVAS. Their motto is "If you want to be in the game, you have to be at the table." They have a great site:
In one class, with a highly talented "teacher," Ellen Leikind, I learned the basics and am ready to go! I met great women, from entrepreneurs and nurses to corporate executives and policy makers.

If you're in New York take the class, but also think about learning the game. From a career standpoint learning TEXAS HOLD'Em has several benefits beyond fun and learning to bluff well:

  • develop strategic skills

  • learn to read the competition

  • become more of a risk taker

All good skills for managing the work world regardless of your position! and it's a lot of fun!


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