Monday, March 23, 2009


I recently attended a seminar at DEMOS, a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization headquartered in New York City. Demos works with advocates and policymakers around the country in pursuit of four overarching goals:

  • a more equitable economy with widely shared prosperity and opportunity

  • a vibrant and inclusive democracy with high levels of voting and civic engagement
  • an empowered public sector that works for the common good
  • responsible U.S. engagement in an interdependent world
DEMOS,, does great work in terms of Ideas and Action! I went to their event to hear the brilliant Dr. Robert Butler, founder of The International Longevity Center talk about the realities of living longer. His new book, THE LONGEVITY REVOLUTION, is terrific for professionals and lay people. The focus is on the benefits and challenges of living a long life---a subject that I think that we all need to know more about!

Dr. Butler has great delivery and great insights...and when he told the audience to exercise and work to strengthen their thighs so we can always climb stairs I knew he was right on!! What a great message for all of us Boomers!

From my standpoint I think that to really get this longevity revolution right, we need to rewire ourselves mentally, physically and civically for starters!

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