Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where Stress Evaporates and Time Stands Still

It seems that everyone we speak with acknowledges that they are living in a world of extreme ambiguity and uncertainty. Many boomers are sandwiched between caring for parents and children and grandchildren. The social exhaustion of party politics and the presidential election has people deleting political apps and turning their backs on the media. Even the media is tired of the media. Financial uncertainty, the continuing housing crisis, and endless statistics that blind us are the icing on the cake. A close friend asked us, “What do I do now? Should I just go and hide.” It is a tempting thought, but there is a better way to rise above the fray. Rather than hide, go and REWIRE!

Cast aside stress: If you REWIRE! only one leisure activity in your life, you will begin to see the benefit rather quickly. Leisure at it’s lowest level is a diversion. But don’t settle on distraction. Go to the point in the activity until you find pleasure in it. But don’t just be pleased. Continue to the highest level where the activity provides meaning and purpose as well as pleasure. It is the place where time doesn’t exist. Three hours seems to be three minutes. You will know when you find it, because you will be enjoying challenges, using your skills or acquiring new ones, and you will be connecting to others in a fertile community of activity.  It personifies fulfillment.

We decided to tackle a totally new endeavor---Opera.  No we are not singing, but we are learning, traveling, meeting new people, and importantly using our curiosity to propel us to learn,, marvel, and lust for more. We are fulfilling one of our most important DRIVERS: continuous learning. We kick started it by taking Opera Boot Camp offered by the Metropolitan Opera Guild. It was a commitment of an hour and one half over a period of 4 Saturdays at a very minimal cost. It has begun what we believe is a life long love affair.

It doesn’t have to be opera or any cultural activity. Perhaps it is a sport, or a hobby, or an interest in something that you have always wondered about. Give yourself a gift. Take the time, make the effort, stand back and be wowed by how you feel and what you learn.

REWIRING sure beats the drudgery of daily stress and the ambiguity of life!

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