Sunday, August 7, 2011


No one will deny that it's challenging times at the "ranch" volatility reigns and probably will for a while, and anxiety is currently running at twice the rate of depression. So now that I have depressed you, the question is what are we to do? I've heard a range of comments and solutions, many which I couldn't publish here, but the reality is,there are no silver bullets,in fact there are no easy answers.But life will go on!

As I watched the Sunday morning news programs, and read the news, all I could think about was Mae West's famous line..."Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" Yes I am taking a little creative license with Mae's line, but for my purpose, bumpy ride equates to the economy, Congress, unemployment, America's debt, Europe's instability, you name it.

I don't see the bumpy road going away any time soon, and I feel that the more I accept that possibility, the easier it is to go on. I've had to rewire my own thinking; we didn't get into this place overnight, so we can't think we'll get on a smooth path overnight. To keep that message in front of us in a subtle, I'm recommending that all of us put a picture of Mae West on our refrigerators so we have a little reminder buckle up but we will get through it!


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