Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was recently with a group of friends who asked if every now and then I could do a blog offering a few motivational tips. I agreed but also reminded them about a great line from Ecclesiastes that I have paraphrased here--"there is really nothing new under the sun..." People keep waiting, wishing and hoping for that silver bullet... but there is no silver bullet and Wishin' and Hopin' is a song by Dusty Springfield, not a way to live your life! What would be new and different is if everyone chose to try something new!" so here are a few VERY obvious ideas!

1. Write down what's on your mind. In other words get a piece of paper and let it rip...even stream of consciousness writing...goals, obstacles, dreams, whatever. I know, I know--you're readng this and thinking you've got to be kidding--- it sounds so basic, so boring. Take it from me,I know that getting the ideas out of your head and onto paper---or the computer, allows you the chance to reflect on them in a whole new way.

2.Get out of your usual "space." A friend who is in transition and trying to figure out her next act has been sitting in her apartment, day after day, trying to figure out her future.Looking at those same old walls is not going to get her to her next..and might even be pretty depressing. I told her..."go to Starbucks," be around people. Her comment was "too distracting." Ok, I said then go to the public libray." "Too quiet," she said. Which led me to say, "Then I guess you really don't want another opportunity, if you're finding an excuse for everything I've suggested!" Remember, friends care but they have their limits!But I felt good when she said," I went to sit in the park with a Starbucks and that felt right." The point is, find what s right for you but often we have to change our lens to get recharged and motivated.

3. Get off your behind. Exercise. Increasing your heart rate ups your energy level to tackle goals, and new thinking. When people say, "I'm too tired to exercise," that's when you need to get out there. But be wise and don't overdue if this is a new idea for you.

4. Focus on the Finish. When undertaking a lengthy and difficult project , especially something you don’t want to do, imagine what you would like to be doing when finished—and make the task a priority. This applies at work, at play,or working around the house. Focus on the finale!

5. Keep your “WHY” in front of you. Know WHY you are doing something...or not doing something. It might sound silly but put a picture of your goal as your screen saver; on your desk, or if you're a magnet person on your refrigerator! I want you to be able to see it often.

I told you they were pretty basic tips, just spiced up with a few new twists and angles! A little bit of rewiring goes along way!

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