Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I became a Jay Leno fan years ago. I was bummed to see him moved aside for Conan but since I do work in the mature worker category I understood what was happening. At 59 I knew that Jay was not ready to stop working...and why should he? If you love what you do, why stop? To me it is very apparent that to Jay "work is fun!" Some of you might be shocked when you read this and fun in the same sentence, you ask? Isn't that an oxymoron? For some yes, but NOT FOR EVERYONE! and definitely not for Jay Leno!

I won't surmise what Jay's drivers are, although we do identify 85 drivers, or motivators in DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! for why we all work beyond a paycheck. If Ihad to guess I would say that he has a high need for accomplishments, to stay creative and to be competitive.

And to do that he had to take a risk and so did NBC, hence the birth of The Jay Leno Show! Rewiring is about moving energy into new and different areas, which is what they both did, and now we literally need to stay tuned to watch how Jay's rewirement goes. There are always critics and supporters and remember rewirings do not happen over night.

Let's be honest---the future is about risk. Will it be worse to take a risk, or to not take one? That is the question that many boomers will have to ask themselves. You need to know yourself: are you risk oriented, risk averse or somewhere in between?

When we choose to rewire we need to face the reality that a lot of it has to do with risk AND reward. So I'm advocating that regardless of the economy or challenges that we are facing, that each of us takes the time to assess our drivers and to analyze our own risk factor. And while we're doing that let's see how Jay rewires. His rewiring is on TV...five nights a front of the world. Ours isn't, so take a small step toward rewiring yourself. For most of us our rewiring will not be covered by the media!

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