Saturday, September 26, 2009


When I was younger, and I do believe that that is a relative term, we used to say "get into gear!" I'm sure that there were many different interpretations, but to me it meant get ready to take action...whether it was going to a Big 10 football game, to a party, to take an didn't matter, it was about getting your head into a new place. So I was surprised when I unexpectedly used that expression last week in a speech to a roomful of men, aged 65 to 98.

These men were realizing that their longevity was giving them the time to pursue more dreams. As one man said, "I'm still waking up every day, so why should I stop trying new things?" Obviously I love that attitude and view it as one of the ingredients for successful aging.

My comment about "getting into gear" brought forth many questions from them about how to get into gear to rewire.

Now let me say that yes, there is a complete rewiring process and exercises in our book, DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! but I came up with more ideas that I have listed below:

1.) Write down up to five words that someone who loves you or who you value would use to describe you. Don't edit the list, either mentally or physically, absorb it. Are you outgoing, spunky, brilliant, clever, kind? whatever...if someone put it down, they perceive you that way.

2.)Think about how you do or don't demonstrate those characteristics in your life today. You could be demonstrating those characteristics through your paid work, volunteer work, or in your leisure time. It could be through cooking, organizing events, singing in a choir?

3.) Write down your dream vision of how you wish the world was.

4.) Write down the dream vision for your life.

5.) Try to craft a sentence of how you could incorporate who you are with what you wish the world was like.
6.) Now imagine that this is a beginning for your rewiring plan.

There is nothing easy about change, but there are tools that can help you on your rewiring journey, regardless of your age! We all need to take our dreams and put action behind them. Once you do that, you have a greater shot of making your dream, a reality!


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