Thursday, July 3, 2008

Looking For Meaning and Purpose In All the Right Places

I tell people NOT to eavesdrop on other people's dreams, because what one person considers heaven, you might consider hell. I give myself the right to eavesdrop. I view it as part of my on-going research. I see myself as a "social voyeur" so if you have that title then eavesdropping goes with the territory.

Recently a lot of folks have been telling me they need to rewire because they need to find new meaning and purpose in their life. They have gone stale at work and at play even in their relationships. When I ask how they define "meaning and purpose" I usually get a blank stare or quizzical look----"meaning and purpose" are great words but I believe it it up to each of us to define those words for ourselves.

Many Boomers say they want to do new work in their next have a retirement career, or as my friend and author, Marc Freedman , calls have Encore Career. If you are one of those people looking for new work that touches both your life and society then get ready to do some personal due diligence by reading the latest survey from MetLife and Civic Ventures on the topic.

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