Sunday, June 15, 2008

So What Are You Waiting For?

I bet that some of you reading this blog right now have been thinking about making some changes in your life....could be at work, at play, in your home---it doesn't matter what you are planning to do. Imagine that I am a little voice speaking to you and asking, "so what is stopping you from moving ahead?" Or as I like to say---"what is stopping you from rewiring?" I am NOT necessarily talking about big changes; I'm talking about any change that you say, or have been saying, that you would like to make.

While giving a speech last week I discovered that I was facing an audience of procrastinators. I found myself saying from the stage---"Recognize, you're not getting any younger; there is never a perfect time to enact change, and lastly, and sadly there is no guarantee that you will be here why not make the change now?" Many people told me they wanted to try new things; take up a sport, learn French, or that they liked their life but just wanted more fun, and good times in it. Most of the things they mentioned were quite do-able.

Then on Friday afternoon we learned that Tim Russert had died. He was a boomer; one of us, and his death was a shock. But as I watched TV and read about him, I smiled because here was a man who truly lived a life he loved.
Sometimes we can be shocked into change. I know I've been.


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