Monday, June 17, 2013

Are You Ready To Try Something New?

In the past two weeks several people told us that they want to learn to play the piano as part of their rewiring®.   But they said they were afraid they couldn’t learn or give the time to practice or that they wouldn’t be able to remember the keyboard! In other words the desire was there…but so were the excuses!  So here we were on this past Sunday looking at the 88 Pianos Event at Lincoln Center surrounded by 88 pianos, all colorfully decorated.  Who did we see there, but one of our piano hopefuls?
He admitted he had never sat on a piano bench; had never tinkled the ivories and when he heard the pianos were there he said he would just stroll over. He didn't know anyone so he sat down, ran his fingers over the keys and pretended he knew how to play. when he saw us he looked a combo of surprise, sheepishness and then he beamed, and said, I like it!

So what have you been thinking of doing? Do you want to learn piano or to paint, play bridge? If the opportunity to try something new was right in front of you, would you take it?

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