Thursday, January 10, 2013


I had postponed writing a New Year’s blog because I found myself beginning to write some of “the same old, same old.” What I mean is that each year there is the expected dialogue that people have with themselves about making and keeping resolutions. Or perhaps it’s the dialogue about getting committed to changing some things in your life that you have been complaining about forever. Or maybe you truly are sincere when you try to convince yourself that you really have the desire to start anew but just can’t get into gear for whatever reason.

I thought about those dialogues and decided NOT to write about change or resolutions this year. Instead I decided to get right to the point and to tell everyone DO SOMETHING SMALL. YES SMALL! Don’t go for BIG! You won’t get there. You know yourself and you might have proven that to yourself already.

Think about it: We learn to crawl before we walk, and to walk before we run. Yet as grown ups we go for BIG and often make monumental commitments to ourselves, only to falter, or even worse, fail because the commitment or goal just looked too massive. So rather than being down on yourself … GO SMALL. Take a small step.

In fact I challenge you to make some small effort or action today towards a goal you have been thinking about. Then when you’re done, smile and pat yourself on the back. Sounds trite but if you do that every day for one week, you’ll not only feel better about yourself but you’ll be moving forward on some initiative in your life.

Rewiring your life…whether it be at work, play, in the community or in relationships, doesn’t happen overnight. There are books, YOUTUBE videos and podcasts on taking small steps to success, so take them! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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