Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update on Herman Wouk and Ageless Creativity

One of our October blogs was about 97 year old Herman Wouk, author of The Caine Mutiny and numerous other famous books.  His new book, The Lawgiver, has recently been released.   Brooks Barnes of the New York Times has written an article about Herman, his productive life and the significant contributions he has made to the gobal literary landscape.  Part of the article discusses how remarkable it is for someone of his age to be using email, Skype and the Internet.  He is still working to conquer text messaging. He also uses Facebook.

Herman sets the record straight: "I may be old, but I'm still aware of things." He embraced technology 10 years ago as a means to stay in touch with friends and family.  But he doesn't stop at technology.  He has a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and a keen desire to keep on writing.  It's his passion, but it is also his job.  We always ask people who are considering retirement, "If you love what you do, why would you want to stop?"  No one had to ask him. He is already working on a new book.  Hopefully it will be out before he hits 100. 

Beyond being a great, mature author, he is a wonderful role model regardless of age.  None of us know how long we will live or how long we will continue to enjoy a vital and engaged life.  But we should never forget that there are two things in our control that are the best measure of our individual futures.  They are our attitude and effort.  A positive attitude and a committment to using the energy that resides within us is the best predictor of a more fulfilled future. 

Herman continues to get Driver fulfillment from his work.  Each new book he produces is testimony to his commitment to keep on REWIRING.


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