Monday, March 26, 2012

A Secret to a Long and Happy Life!

What if I told you that I can give you one word that will lead to improving and extending your life and it won't cost you anything? Not only will you benefit but so will your family, friends and the community in which you live. Ridiculous, right? Also, the word will help you to make new friends, expand your contacts, improve your social and relationship skills. Sounds better doesn't it. But let's not stop there, we are only getting to the good stuff. You will stay healthier, more physically fit, alevieate chronic pain, stave off depression, lessen your risk for heart disease, and increase your ties to your community. I hear you saying, "this word has got to be the name of a miracle drug." Am I right?

Before I forget, the word will also improve your existing job skills and can even give you skills for a new job or career. The word can give you more and broader work experience. The word can even set you on a new course to more fulfilling work and in some cases a better paying job. I can hear you yelling now, "Stop. Tell me the word." Not so fast.

The word can also lead to people seeking you out for your wisdom and life experience. Now you are screaming, "Enough! I must know this word." OK. Put on your seat belt, get ready to listen and REWIRE your thinking about the future.

The word is VOLUNTEER. All the studies support the many positive results derived from rolling up your sleeves and helping others. Actually, you don't even have to roll up your sleeves. You just have to show up to a volunteer opportunity that gives you driver fulfillment and appeals to your interest and curiosity. It can be something big like world hunger or something small like cleaning up a neighborhood park. Needs are boundless and so are opportunities to make a difference.

We don't care what volunteer opportunity you pick. It could be the Red Cross, The Sierra Club, The Peace Corps, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, or your local homeless feeding program. The needs are great and by committing to improve the lives of others or the environment, you will improve your life in ways you could never imagine!

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