Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm conflicted. I liked the movie, THE BUCKET LIST, but I'm not a fan of the term, "bucket list" because it evokes the idea of "end of life." But when my little sister called from San Antonio last July to say that her husband had told her that skating at Rockefeller Center was on his bucket list, I said what's stopping you? Not everyone has a sister living in New York City so get those plane tickets! And they did.

A big part of my work, and my philosophy is to challenge people to identify their dreams, then go for it and make them a reality. The Bucket List has two components. First you have to create your list, and that takes time and a lot of thinking. The second part is executing what you have out on your list. It's true, some Bucket List goals are bigger than others and take more planning not to mention money, to make happen. But once you put a dream down on your Bucket List accept that it's there because you really want to make it happen. Only the things that you really want to have happen in your life deserve a place on that list!

So now it's happened--my brother in law has successfully completed one of the key items on his Bucket List...he skated underneath the tree at Rockefeller Center and loved it! He hadn't skated in over 15 years and took to the ice like a duck takes to water. He whirled, he twirled..he pretended he was at the Olympics and lived in the moment. He purposely picked the 4:30pm session so he would experience the setting sun on the buildings surrounding the rink not to mention seeing the tree sparkling.

Skating wasn't on my sister's Bucket List but being a trooper she went out on the ice and proceeeded to fall and sprain her wrist! The point is...what's on your Bucket List should be personally yours. My sister was the conduit but my brother in law was the catalyst...he dared to tell her his dream.

My brother in law sure looks happy in that picture, doesn't he?...just imagine that could be you! Recent Bucket List ideas I have heard include bicycling through France, going to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade,visiting the Civil War battle fields,and going to Fashion Week at Lincoln Center...they sure cover a gamut of ideas, don't they?

So what's on your list? Do you even have a list? If not, why not? And if yes,how many of the activities on your Bucket List have you made a reality? Isn't it time to rewire your thinking about life..your dreams...and your list? I don't care what you call your list, I just care that you create one!

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