Saturday, April 4, 2009


I decided to rewire some of my fun a few weeks ago and took a poker class!
I needed to add something active, not passive to my life, and a lunch n' learn event on poker sounded great. Not only did I learn to play, but I won! Check me out at

Playing poker fulfilled many of my personal "drivers." Those 85 motivators that we identified in DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! My drivers include having a need to have new and different experiences and to be current. I realized that today's challenges were zapping me of my energy and positive spirit and that I was yearning to do something new! So off to a PokerDivas class I went! It was everything I wanted and MORE !

Are you in a rut? Feeling like you want to get away, but can't? Ask yourself if you are getting enough "driver" fulfillment? And if the answer is no, then take the time today to see what you can add to your life! Make the time to Rewire! Your future fun is waiting!

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