Friday, August 1, 2008

Is Writing A Novel In Your Future?

To me, there is nothing better than reading a good novel. Why do I tell you this? Because over the past several years of traveling the country speaking to audiences about their futures, I have heard more people say,"I want to write the Great American Novel one day." But they openly admit they have no idea of how to get started. So for all of you future writers, I am thrilled to introduce you to literary agent and author, Evan Marshall, who has made novel writing easier than ever before! Evan has turned his best selling book on how to write a novel, "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing" into downloadable software and it's great! and available at here.

Many people are deciding to rewire and get new skills at the height of their careers. Evan is a perfect example. On top of his day job as a literary agent, he used his nights and weekends to master a whole new skill set--software programming--in order to create the software himself. He told me that "no one knows The Marshall Plan better than I do, so I'll write the software!" But how to begin is always the question regardless of the topic.

Evan took night classes at County College of Morris, enrolled in an on-line course through the Montclair School of Continuing Education, and read several textbooks in his spare time! Although a New Jersey resident Evan found help all over the world. He posted problems on, got feedback from a fan in Australia, and hired an expert programmer in Pakistan, who bid for the job on

Best of all, Evan listened to his fans who had been asking him for years to turn his book into software. He also listened to himself,and decided to go for it. Three years later he is thrilled and so are his fans!

So,do you have a book project,or idea, you've been thinking of doing? Don't deprive the world of a great novel, you now have the software to get started; Evan has done the legwork for you!

Oh, if only life were always this easy!


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