Friday, December 14, 2007

Jeri's Rewirement Tips

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here is a list of tips I like to give people to get them going in the right direction. Enjoy!

Don’t think too small when you do your rewirement planning.
This is the time to “let the kite out!”

Know why you want to retire.
Your decision should not be based solely on your hitting a certain age or a certain financial number.

Plan ahead.
Challenge the conventional notion of retirement. Begin planning with your specific interests and needs at the top of your mind. The goal is to create a customized retirement for yourself or as we call it rewirement®.

Start a rewirement journal.
Set it up by section. Write down your thoughts, dreams and goals. Refer back to it often.

Define what retirement means to you.
Identify how you perceive it---positive, negative, or mixed--- and know why.

Don’t covet your neighbor’s retirement.
Seek advice but remember what may be terrific for your neighbor may not be right for you.

Determine what you consider to be a good rewirement and why.
Develop a list of ingredients that you think constitute a happy future. Record the criteria in your journal and note ideas on how to achieve them.

Identify what activities and associations will end with retirement.
Some things that end will be out of your control, others won’t be. Identify which ones you’ll miss.

Accept rewirement as a time of-- and for-- change.
Think about what will change in your life, and what you want to change. Also cite what you don’t want to have changed.

Acknowledge how you handle change.
Do you run from it; thrive on it; embrace it; lead it? This insight should guide your planning.

Keep your values close.
Our values are our anchors. Is work your anchor? Recognize that the absence of work may leave you feeling adrift.

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